Do you have an old vintage treasure hidden away that needs some TLC? Or a special occasion coming up that you need to look you’re very best for?

At Make Do and Mend we can help you find that perfect fit and let your clothes have a second (or third) lease of life! We believe in reusing and recycling the clothes we already have and it’s amazing how sometimes even the smallest adjustment can bring new life in to an old garment!

Our small team of trained seamstresses will ensure you get the perfect fit and give you years more wear with your clothes. Contact Sarah at or call on 07794351146 to arrange a consultation and fitting. Please make an appointment before visiting the store.

Please note, we usually have a two - three week turnaround on items and cannot give quotes over the phone. We need to see the items in person. Thank you!

The Price List


Shorten hem - £15+
Shorten hem (w/ turn up or taping) - £25-35
Take in at waist - £20+
Replace zip - £30+
Taper legs - £20-30+


Shorten hem - £15+
Shorten hem (w/ lining) - £30+
Take in sides - £18+
Take in sides (w/ waistband) - £25-30+
Replace zip - £30+


Shortening sleeves - £35+
Shortening sleeves (w/ opening) - £45+
Take in centre back seams - £25+
Shortening jacket - £40+
Buttons - £3


Tak in bust darts - £20+
Take in sides/letting out - £25+
Shortening shoulder straps - £8-20
Shortening hem - £15+
Shortening hem (w/ lining) - £35+
Replace zips - £30+

All prices quoted are an estimate and guide.  Final price and quotation will be given and agreed upon before any work is undertaken. Prices correct as of Feb 2017.